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Who We Are & What We Do

The REACT Initiative team is a diverse group of professionals with a shared vision of delivering top-notch services for the populations we serve.  We pride ourselves in promoting an inclusive, loving, and supportive environment while equipping individuals and organizations to better serve the global majority.  We have been serving individuals and organizations in a number of communities, cities, states, and countries since our organization began in Baltimore, MD in 2008.

Meet our Team

HeadshotDREACT - Copy.jpg
Dionna Latimer-Hearn

Founder/Education Director

HeadshotEnyo - Copy.jpg
Vivian "Enyo" Dzata Smith

Nurse Practitioner

Independent Consultant

imagejpeg_2 - Copy.jpg
Amanda Ross

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Independent Consultant

HeadshotBecks - Copy.jpg
Amy DeLuca

Dual Language Educator (Spanish/English)

Headshotjig - Copy.jpg
Sarah Richards

Occupational Therapist

Independent Consultant

HeadshotJoy - Copy.jpg
Joy Lennon

Speech-Language Pathologist

Independent Consultant

HeadshotMury - Copy.jpg
Murielle Kambou

Speech-Language Pathology Assistant

Bilingual Facilitator (French/English)

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