Advocating for Equity in Education

Our Mission

REACT Initiative—Advocating for equity in education.

​REACT Initiative, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that addresses barriers impeding the educational access and success of individuals from historically marginalized populations.  We identify and address unjust educational practices while contributing to the continued development of professionals serving diverse populations.  Our services, therefore, extend beyond schools and universities to clinics, hospitals, corporations, childcare facilities, nonprofits, religious organizations, and more. 

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Our Services


Equity & Anti-Racism Support

REACT Initiative, Inc. has the expertise to support your team beyond traditional diversity and inclusion training.  We facilitate the development of equitable policies and practices. In collaboration with your team, we identify problematic policies, promote anti-racist practices, and improve the overall efficiency of your organization. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure, manage, and conduct day-to-day business.


Youth Programs

We provide a variety of services geared toward improving educational outcomes for youth from historically marginalized communities.  We meet needs by offering direct support to schools, mentoring, tutoring, and providing educational trips and activities. Contact us to learn more about how this service might benefit your child(ren) or to support our efforts.

Online Class

Remote Learning

COVID-19 has interrupted school, but it doesn’t have to interrupt your child’s learning and development.  Our team is here to support your child’s educational needs and to provide you with the tools to promote learning at home.  Students with special needs are particularly vulnerable during this time so we’re here to help.  Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation.


Professional Development

Looking to develop your expertise as a professional but not sure where to turn? Need help improving your therapeutic skills? Searching for continuing education credits for license renewal?  We're here to help!  We offer Texas Education Agency approved courses that are designed to support your effectiveness as an administrator, educator, related service professional, or child care provider.

Events        Courses

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Global Education

REACT Initiative, Inc. supports the needs of communities worldwide.  We serve schools', hospitals, clinics, and individuals by offering consultation, professional development, and special education services.  Our goal is make sure that individuals and organizations have access to education and specialized support on a global level.  

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College & Vocational Support

REACT Initiative, Inc. provides structured support for educational and professional transitions that arise as you work toward your professional goals.  Our supports include but are not limited to the following:  

        - Organization/Study Skills     

        - Time Management

        - Tutoring Support                   

        - Job Skill Development

        - Editing/Proofreading             

        - Resume Writing