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Available Courses

Corporations and Small Businesses

Confident Businesswoman

Normalizing Linguistic Variation as a DEI Practice

This course is designed to examine race, racism, classism and linguicism in professional spaces.  The course explores four levels of racism and outlines how linguicism is used to uphold discrimination in professional spaces.  

Upon course completion, participants will be able to:  identify how linguicism opens the door to racism, classism, and xenophobia across settings, explain four levels of racism and how each impacts professional interactions and sense of belonging, implement strategies to promote understanding of culturally and linguistically diverse colleagues and clients.

Brainstorm Team Meeting

Effective Team Communication

This course is designed to raise awareness about how your staff/team communicates.  Identification of existing patterns will help improve overall communication in formal and informal work contexts.  Topics to be covered include active listening, electronic correspondence, suprasegmental features in communication, code- and tone-switching, and fostering a welcoming communicative environment. 

Upon course completion, participants will be able to: identify differences in communicative styles among team members; understand cultural-linguistic diversity in communication styles; facilitate healthier verbal and nonverbal communication among team members; identify communicative strengths and weaknesses among team members; and implement strategies to promote effective communication.

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Leadership Development/Motivational Speaking

Motivational speaking, Leadership Development, and Team Building workshops are available around a variety of themes.  Contact us to discuss your team's specific needs or to schedule an event.